85 minutes | Jul 10, 2021

Ep.183 Loki Episode 5 Breakdown! Werewolves Within & Fear Street 1994 Film Review! Star Wars: The Bad Batch Recap! MCU's What If? Trailer Reaction! Hugh Jackman Wolverine Rumors ? & A Big AEW Debut!

Time Stamps

Best Cosplay!-00:00

Wolverine in the MCU- 08:10

Book of Bobba’s Book of Directors- 11:51

Star Wars Visions Trailer- 13:12

Batgirl Movie Villian?- 14:40

Love Craft Country Canceled- 16:51

What if Trailer- 19:57

Loki episode 5- 27:37

Bad Batch- 49:18

Werewolves within- 57:14

Fear Street Pt 1- 01:01:29

AEW New Debut- 01:05:11


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