57 minutes | Sep 13, 2021

Steve Talkington - Business Coach & Owner of Lancaster Painting

Questions I asked Steve: First job out of school? What are the last 3 books you've read? Our experiences and the people we meet in our careers shape us. Could you share one or two experiences in your career that really contributed to who you are today? Reflect on your first boss. What did that person do well, not so well, how was the relationship, and the Impact on you? Of all the things you know, which do you feel could potentially be the leading expert on? What is the most challenging part of being a business coach? Is there a particular capability that is better executed inside the company or outside the company as far as coaching goes? What role does coaching have within a department of a business? Can a manager be a coach of their people or does the coaching role need to be "outsourced"? You are an entrepreneur and an employee, correct? As a high-level employee, what does your boss need to be able to do in order to manage you most effectively? What have you learned about leadership and brand building in your coaching roles for various businesses? What is the most common aspect of marketing that you see companies missing or applying poorly to their business? What is your favorite movie? Any book recommendations? How can people connect with you?
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