47 minutes | Sep 9, 2019

Notes on Camp: Finding Success in Passionate Failure

Having reviewed the life of Garth Brooks, the life of Chris Gaines, the process of unleashing the fictional character upon the world and the world’s response to it, we have but one thing left to discuss; What exactly was this and why does it continue to fascinate the hearts and minds of pop cultural to this day? Hosts Michael and Ashley share their thesis statements on the Chris Gaines project, taking a slightly academic approach to the affair. Despite there being no claim on expertise, Ashley leverages Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay Notes on Camp, to establish an undeniable theory for twenty-years of Gaines perseverance. For full show notes, hit up chrisgainespodcast.com. Follow us on Twitter: @GarthGainesSNL Enjoy some GIFs: garthbrookschrisgainescountdown.com
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