32 minutes | Nov 11, 2019

Reclaim Armistice Day with David Swanson #UnmaskMilitarism

Five-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, prolific blogger, writer, journalist and activist, David Swanson of World Beyond War joins Thad to#UnmaskMilitarism and the "phantom menace" behind WWIDiscuss the inspiring forgotten 1920s mainstream peace movement which overcame diverse political ideologies and created a treaty to ban all war from David Swanson's book, When the World Outlawed War.List four priorities of Choose Life Abort War.Tell why Veterans for Peace think it's good idea to #ReclaimArmisticeDayBuild a Culture of Peace in big or small ways w/ World Beyond War.Tease you with upcoming guests including an Air Force Chaplain court-martialed for applying Just War criteria, a Veteran For Peace who rehumanizes enemies and war victims through photography, two expert Conscientious Objector counselors, and a movie producer/human rights activist who faced an al-Queada warlord to negotiate peace. Intro/ outro music: “Choose Life,” by C. Fulmer (c) 1985, used with permission.
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