36 minutes | Jul 30th 2020

Fey Ugokwe- Thriving Due to Illness

 Fey is an attorney, former human rights/disability rights arbitrator and mediator, author, podcaster, Episcopal subdeacon, founder of a socially-conscious media activity for Women (Pink Purse International (PPI), https://www.pinkpurseintl.com),

She has written two critically acclaimed books "Wifey"; and "The Specimen". Both can be found on Amazon.

During this episode Fey discusses being a bicultural 1st generationer--born in Washington, DC to immigrants, and how caring for her ill mother for two years inspired her writing and podcast career.

Among other things, she has a background that includes serving as a human rights investigator/arbitrator/attorney in a jurisdiction that openly upheld gay rights; and is inclusive in her creative works, like her book “Wifey”, 

Be sure to follow her on

LinkedIn: @FeyUgokweEsq


Twitter: @PinkPurseIntl


Instagram: @FeyUgokweEsq


Podcast: The Women of Power Hours


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