27 minutes | Jul 30th 2020

What’s Driving China’s Smart City Development?: A Conversation with Alice Ekman

This episode examines China’s efforts to develop smart city infrastructure. Our guest, Dr. Alice Ekman, analyzes how China is supporting domestic technology industries in critical sectors like telecommunications and surveillance to build smart cities. Dr. Ekman explains how Beijing’s ambitions are aimed at boosting economic development and maintaining political control throughout China’s urban environments. She also assesses the risks of China’s smart cities for the international community, and how the US should respond to China’s growing prowess in smart city technology. 

Dr. Alice Ekman is the Senior Analyst in charge of the Asia portfolio at the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS). Dr. Ekman covers foreign policy and security developments in the Asia region, including China, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, India, and ASEAN. She was previously Head of China Research at the French Institute of International Relations, and a visiting scholar at Tsinghua University, National Taiwan Normal University, and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

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