27 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

China’s Standard-Setting Agenda: A Conversation with Emily de La Bruyère

This episode examines China’s ambitions to lead the world in setting technical standards for emerging technologies. Our guest, Emily de La Bruyère, analyzes how China is advocating for its own technical standards to be adopted worldwide, and its concerted efforts to gain leverage in critical international standard-setting institutions. Ms. de La Bruyère explains Beijing’s China Standards 2035 plan and its close links to Made in China 2025. She also details the risks that China’s standard-setting agenda poses, and how the US and other Western democracies have responded.

Emily de La Bruyère is co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a strategic consulting firm focused on the implications of China’s competitive approach to geopolitics. She is also a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies with a focus on China policy. Ms. de La Bruyère has led extensive China research programs and developed novel analysis tools and techniques. Her public commentaries have been published in The New York TimesBloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal.

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