26 minutes | Feb 25th 2020

China's Increasing Engagement with Africa: A Conversation with Joshua Eisenman

This episode explores China’s key interests and investments in Africa, as well as how China-Africa relations are likely to evolve in the future. Our guest, Dr. Joshua Eisenman, breaks down the political and economic toolkit China is using to achieve its core interests in Africa. Dr. Eisenman offers his insights on the impact of U.S. engagement on China-Africa ties, as well as analyzes the feasibility of African countries following China’s development model.

Dr. Joshua Eisenman is an Associate Professor in the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, and Senior Fellow for China Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council. Dr. Eisenman’s research focuses on the political economy of China’s development and its foreign relations with the U.S. and the developing world—particularly Africa. He is working with Ambassador David Shinn on their second co-authored book on China-Africa relations, examining the political and security aspects of China's engagement on the continent.

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