49 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

Will China Be Cuba's Next Patron?

To truly understand Sino-Cuban relations you need to understand the context of Cuba's relations with Venezuela, the US, and the former USSR. Why did USSR become the Patron of Cuba for most of the Cold War? Why did Venezuela step in to support Cuba after the USSR collapse?  Just as the last cold war will Cuba be the nexus of the "New Cold War"? We discussed all of these questions. Dr. Bradley J. Murg is Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Director of Research, and Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of International Relations and Political Science here at Paragon International University. Dr. Murg also has been recognized as Distinguished Fellow and Senior Advisor at the Cambodia Institute for Cooperation and Peace and Senior Research Advisor at Future Forum.  Dr. Murg’s research languages include English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and German.Show NotesA Conversation between Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, and Zhou Enlai (1960)Venezuela and Cuba: The Ties that BindThere Will Not Be a New Cold War by Thomas ChristensenSino-Cuban Relations: No "New Cold War" in Havana by Bradley Murg & Rasheed GriffithOn the Havana Syndrome Willy Wo-Lap Lam Commentary Mao and the Sino-Soviet Split Message/Follow me on Twitter: @rasheedguo (for more info on China-Caribbean topics)Intro/Outro Music: Chan Chan by Buena Vista Social Club
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