79 minutes | Dec 4th 2020

#179 - Escape from Naboo

David Prowse, The Phantom Menace, listener emails, The Mandalorian, and more!STAR WARSY STUFF [0:50] We started our annual watch-through of all the Star Wars movies! LISTENER MAILBAG [9:40]We hear from long-time-listeners/first-time-emailers Ken, Vivian and Charlie! Ish and Nayan also sent in some reviews of Duel of the Fates and the Star Wars Lego Holiday Special! LIAM’S MUSIC CORNER [26:30]NEWS [29:50]We mourn the passing of David Prowse. Q&A COUNCIL [32:55]What’s your favorite David Prowse moment in the original trilogy? STUMP THE LUMP [36:25]What did Vader do right after he entered the Tantive IV in A New Hope? OUTRO [1:17:10]Leave us a voicemail: https://www.speakpipe.com/ChildrenoftheForceTwitter: @forcechildrenFacebook: Children of the ForceEmail: forcechildren@gmail.comThrow us some cash on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/childrenoftheforceThanks for listening, and may the Force be with you!
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