27 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

#173 - I'm a baa-a-a--a-a-aad guy...

It's a shorty, but a goodie.  

LISTENER MAILBAG [0:40] Ish sent us the first chunk of some fan fic he wrote! It’s pretty awesome. LIAM’S MUSIC CORNER [6:40] Put on your headphones, jump on your LightBikes, and enjoy! JOKE [13:00] What spaceship does Luke fly when he really wants to show off his piloting skills?

Q&A COUNCIL [13:45]

Nayan has a couple questions for the Council: Which is the best finale? Did Vader deserve forgiveness in the end? And I have a silly question that lets us have some fun with the song, Bad Guy. OUTRO [25:55]

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