55 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

Reimagining Child Welfare - Oregon's Vision for Transformation

Changing or shifting how child welfare systems operate has been a topic of discussion, research, and even legislation. The goals of these efforts are to reduce the trauma experienced by children and families involved with child welfare, apply a greater prevention lens to casework practice, and eliminate the inequities and disproportionality child welfare systems currently demonstrate. This episode features one jurisdiction moving from discussion to action. Oregon’s Child Welfare Division has released its Vision for Transformation, which documents a strategic roadmap to success, including specific guiding principles, strategies, and measurable outcomes. Listeners will hear from Rebecca Jones Gaston, the director of Oregon’s Child Welfare Division, on why the vision was developed, how it will be implemented, and the internal and external changes required to transform the State’s child welfare system into one that supports the individual needs of families and best serves Oregon's children and youth.
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