56 minutes | Jan 29, 2015

The Brain Eats Too: Food Rx for Attention, Behavior & Mood

The public is inundated daily with information about nutrition and general health. Less often do we hear about nutrition and brain health ... and seldom about this link in kids. The average parent does not necessarily know what food a brain needs. And most families overlook nutrition as a factor in their child's problems when considering mental health services or medication. For the growing child, Brain Health equals Mental Health. And food makes all the difference. Children's ability to focus, learn, manage moods and regulate their behavior is enhanced or undermined by the foods they eat -- hour by hour. Nutritionist Jan Katzen believes inadequate nutrition is in part responsible for ever-growing pediatric mental health diagnoses. In this episode, we will discuss how to feed the growing child brain for learning, emotions and balanced self-regulation in every domain of life.
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