57 minutes | Jan 8, 2015

Girl Drama: Sensible Solutions

Is your daughter getting tossed about on stormy social seas ... the target of mean girl antics, clinging to unhealthy friendships, retaliating in destructive ways or just trying to keep her BFF? Parents are lost and looking for ways to support their girls, especially in the digital age. Reflexive avoidance advice like just ignore it or stay away from her doesn't cut it. To navigate today's social world, a girl needs strong communication skills and an even stronger sense of self. Annie Fox M.Ed. is an internationally respected author, blogger, media developer, parent educator and teen advisor. In this episode, she advises parents how to guide girls through friendship challenges - elementary through high school - and teach them to be good people in the process. Join us to learn how parents can strengthen their girls' communication skills - for today and for every future relationship of their lives.
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