57 minutes | Dec 18, 2014

Busy Bodies: Why Kids Need to Move

Children's movement and activity levels are a concern of educators, physicians and mental health clinicians in different ways. Health experts want children to be more active in an age of skyrocketing child obesity and transfixing on-screen life. Yet the average teacher wants kids to sit still to learn. Mental health offices are filled with children with suspected ADHD and hyperactivity, who fidget and wiggle, roam the classroom, who can't sit still at desks or keep their hands to themselves. So when is movement good or bad, and how much is too much? My guest Dr. Lynne Kenney is an author and practicing pediatric psychologist, and subject of movement is near and dear to her heart. In fact, Dr. Kenney believes children actually need to move in order to learn. In this episode, we will explore how movement and learning are interrelated and what our growing knowledge of the brain can teach child professionals in all professions about the young learning body and mind.
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