44 minutes | Sep 3rd 2014

Week 1 – Titans at Chiefs Preview

In this Episode: 1. The final 53 man roster Guys we are surprised by who made it or didn't make it. Who are some young guys we like, what their role may be. What positional group is our strongest. Where we still need help. 2. Alex Smith's  contract NSFW. 3. Week One against against the "fastest team in football." How the offense stacks up vs. Titans Defense Titans Defense is pretty underrated: Casey is a freak How the Chiefs Defense matches up vs the Titans Offense Locker’s health and progress, Hunter and Wright as WRs are going to be a huge issue for the Chiefs secondary which means pass rush has to step up vs a very underrated O line 4. Predictions for the game Follow the show on twitter @TheBrehCast Subscribe via: iTunes | Stitcher Radio | RSS