68 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

Coaches Corner - 2020 - All Things Nutrition

In this episode of Coaches Corner, Coach Lori speaks with fellow CES coach and Board-Certified Sports Dietitian Allison Koch about how the way you fuel your body effects you as a runner. Coach Allison provides tangible, practical advice on how you should be filling your plate throughout your training and how being smart about your nutrition can positively impact your running performance. Allison, an accomplish marathoner in her own right, draws on her personal experience, as well as science, to explain why what , when, and how much you eat and drink  matters.The discussion includes suggestions for timing and planning your eating so it works with your training and race goals. Allison also offers her professional insight on common misconceptions as well as popular nutritional trends.Get set for a heaping healing of insight and information you can easily and immediately put into practice.You can find Coach Allisons nutrition blog here: https://runningrdn.com/blog 
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