30 minutes | Aug 18, 2020

Chef or Death #145 – Elise Wiggins Lil Yellow Chick

https://chefordeath.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/EWiggins.mp3 Elise Wiggins is giving Covid the bird!!! Pivot. That’s what Elise Wiggins knows how to do better than anyone. Owning and running one of Denver’s most successful restaurants, she found herself where so many of us have found ourselves. So, instead of giving up – she acted. Elise saw a need in the EX – Stapleton soon to be named something else Neighborhood for Southern Fried Chicken so she decided to focus on creating a food trailer. “When I first thought of doing a trailer, I wanted something that stood out and that was fun. So I thought a retro food trailer would grab attention. Air Streams were top of mind but they didn’t scream Fried Chicken. I broadened my scope to look for other retro camper trailers. I came across a yellow 1962 19ft Shasta for sale. Bingo!! It screamed big ole yellow bird with it’s retro wings on the back and it’s adorable rotund shape. I bought the trailer immediately, drove to Tennessee to pick it up and thus Lil Yellow Chick food trailer was born, or hatched.” Lets break some eggs today. Listen on iHeartRadio Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Stitcher
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