45 minutes | May 19, 2020

Chef or Death #141 – Virgil Dickerson

https://chefordeath.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/COD-Kream.mp3 For 18 years, Virgil Dickerson ran Suburban Home Records and Vinyl Collective, releasing over 190 records from bands like Portugal. The Man, Minus the Bear, Every Time I Die, Frank Turner, Poison the Well, and more. For 8 years, he was the marketing/beverage director for Illegal Pete’s and the co-founder of the Colorado-based record label, Greater Than Collective. Illegal Pete’s Starving Artist Program was started by Virgil in 2010 after being inspired by a restaurant that gave half off to touring bands. Last year, Illegal Pete’s fed over 800 bands in Colorado and Arizona for free! Over 8 years, Virgil Dickerson helped Illegal Pete’s open 6 new restaurants in Tempe, Tucson, Fort Collins, and Denver. Virgil Dickerson left Illegal Pete’s in 2019 to start a consulting firm, K.R.E.A.M. (Kimchi Rules Everything Around Me). Kream Konsulting’s aim is to help small businesses tell their story better through community development. He also took a position as Front Range city manager for The Passport Program and curates the field guides for Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and The Mountains. He also directs the marketing for Craft Distillers, Marble Distilling Co. & The Distillery Inn. His happy place occurs when music, food, and beverage intersects. Listen on iHeartRadio Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Stitcher
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