45 minutes | Apr 11, 2020

Chef or Death #136 – Creatives Being Creative – #wecreateanyway

https://chefordeath.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/COD-We-Create-Anyway.mp3 Joining the show today are some of Denver’s most dynamic creators – Despite the overall prohibition of movement and social distancing – these three entrepreneurs have turned the tables on our situation and started thinking out of the box. Business doesn’t have to stop when your mind starts to look around and see opportunity – and that’s exactly what these three did. Abigail Plonky is the mastermind behind Thrice Pop Up and Maximalist XD – a chef or death alumni we’ve talked extensively about what she’s done for Denver’s food and beverage culture – If there’s anyone on my list of who to watch in 2020 – it is her Joining Abby is Elliot Clark – aka the Apartment Bartender – ​Elliott is the social media personality behind Apartment Bartender, a brand focused on creating, curating, and managing premium drink and lifestyle experiences through world class content, events, and recipes. As an influential voice in the drink market, Apartment Bartender acts as a bridge between the drink industry and the consumer. We Create Anyway is a contest created to encourage creativity during quarantine. They are looking for submissions of creativity ranging from photography, videography, painting, drawing, singing, songwriting, cocktail making, baking, you name it. Winners will be selected at random. No entry will be judged, handpicked, or critiqued in anyway. The purpose is to inspire creativity, not to judge it! Prizes include numerous $500 cash prizes and additional brand prizes that will be announced throughout the competition. #wecreateanywaycontest And we’re also going to be joined by Mark Leffingwell – A Recovering Photojournalist with close to 30 years experience using visuals to tell stories. Transitioned to marketing and branding photography and video 3 years ago. Now focus on narrative driven visual storytelling to help businesses humanize what they do. Focusing on the story of who and why using stills and video to engage customers and clients through social media and web pages. Check out his work at www.markleffingwell.com Listen on iHeartRadio Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Stitcher
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