31 minutes | Jan 28, 2020

episode 20: Safe Hope Home

Hey mamas, On today’s episode we hope to spread some awareness on a serious issue that, until recently, was something most of us didn’t realize was happening in our very own community. An issue so important, that once we learned more about it, we knew we wanted to do what we could to ensure that parents and community members stay informed. We’re referring to the issue of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation – happening right here in Durham Region. Today, we talk to Kate Moore from Safe Hope Home, a local long-term recovery program to help support survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Kate shares with us some of the incredible work that Safe Hope Home is doing and gives us the facts about the occurrence  of sex trafficking here in Durham Region. This is an underground issue but a very prevalent one. Kate talks about the misconceptions of what sex trafficking really looks like, points out a few local and well-known spots that are a common target area for recruitment into sex trafficking, as well as shares ways you can talk to your kids and teens to keep them informed – and most of all safe. We also discuss ways to get involved in Safe Hope Home initiatives and fundraisers, and how we as a community can contribute to the solutions. 🤝 Let’s get to it.
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