48 minutes | May 12th 2019

Legal Intrapreneur Basics - SPECIAL Live episode - Legal Innovation & Tech Fest

Ep12 - Legal Intrapreneur Basics - Live recording from Legal Innovation & Tech Fest (Sydney, 2018) Mindset: Will you go to the movies with me? In this special episode, we go the Sydney 2018 Legal Innovation and Tech Fest where Verity Presented on Legal Intrapreneur Basics. We learn You can listen and follow along with the presentation pack and other resources from the presentation here at: https://www.checklistlegal.com/legaltechfest This presentation covered a range of ideas on moving from innovation idea, to testing to roll out including: > How to structure and prioritise innovation ideas for testing > 3 simple ways to run user testing > How to build a basic, board table ready business case you can use to show your value at an end of year Performance review and slow potential reform on investment in new tech > Take up tactics to help get colleagues, managers and clients interested in your new idea > Take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation… …even if it is just trying new stuff! **Actionable Challenge Try using the Basic Business Case template (from https://www.checklistlegal.com/legaltechfest) the next time you have a project or innovation idea to explain. **Resources and links mentioned on this episode: > See the presentation pack and other resources at https://www.checklistlegal.com/legaltechfest > Check out the other templates and downloads on the Resources Page (https://www.checklistlegal.com/resources) > Head to https://www.checklistlegal.com/podcast for show notes, resources links, and templates. > Theme music: Silent Partner, ‘Sway this way’ > Head to the Checklist Legal Resources page for access to the other templates and examples mentioned in the show.