32 minutes | Sep 12, 2021

#7: Experimental Sewing with Riccardo Guido

It’s Episode 7 of the Check Your Thread podcast and this one was such a joy to record.  You may recognise Riccardo as one of the finalists of season 5 of the Great British Sewing Bee. However, Riccardo Guido started boldly and fearlessly experimenting with reclaimed fabrics and innovative approaches to garment sewing long before Joe Lycett ever muttered the phrase ‘Transformation Challenge’. Right from the beginning, Riccardo has forged his own path to making his own wardrobe, including signing up to learn pattern cutting before taking a sewing class, and to this day he rarely uses commercial sewing patterns. In our delightful conversation, he tells me about his sewing history, which of the aforementioned transformation challenges was his least favourite, his future sewing goals and lots more.  Support the podcast over on Patreon! Find Riccardo Guido on Instagram @rifallo  More on the Great British Sewing Bee HERE Wendy Ward’s website HERE and her Check Your Thread podcast episode HERE Riccardo’s sweatshirt using Wendy’s Felix sweatshirt pattern HERE (pictured below) using scuba off-cuts leftover from his tracksuit project from the GBSB Find @sewandrew, maker of the embroidered chess piece HERE. Riccardo’s sweatshirt that developed around the embroidery HERE (pictured below) Riccardo’s technique for piecing scraps HERE (the start of which is pictured below) Zero Waste Daniel, legendary NY-based designer who uses garment industry waste HERE and on Instagram  HERE See Riccardo’s sofa bomber jacket HERE and hear him on the un:CUT podcast HERE Core Arts, the non-profit organisation supporting people who suffer from mental health issues through learning, HERE Fabrications, based in Hackney, owned by Barley Massey HERE Zero Waste Fashion Design book HERE (pictured below) by Holly McQuillan & Timo Rissanen 
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