83 minutes | Aug 22, 2018

Jackson Rawlings on How We Could Reform The UK Political System

Jackson Rawlings, editor at The Politicalists, was our guest on today's show. Today's chat is a little more abstract than many of the discussions that we have been having of late, we got into a number of different discussions about the current state of British politics, the left right divide, political polarisation, the alt-right, and how we could improve the British political system as a whole. Resources https://medium.com/@jacksonhraw https://medium.com/the-politicalists/the-17-cognitive-biases-that-explain-brexit-894ec10e03b8 http://www.thejist.co.uk/opinion/keep-calm-and-carry-on-the-no-responsibility-trend/ https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/elections/2018/07/boris-johnson-s-meeting-steve-bannon-sign-his-true-character https://medium.com/the-politicalists/if-we-could-start-again-from-scratch-77a098f7e9bf https://medium.com/the-politicalists/the-english-fascists-are-already-here-6ed249f2440f Music by Just Jim – https://soundcloud.com/justjim If you enjoyed what you read here you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date with everything we are covering, or sign up to our mailing list here! If you want to hear more from us you can check out our podcast, Chatter, or subscribe to us on iTunes here.
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