78 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Let's Chat, W/ Ski Erg WORLD RECORD Holder Colleen Drummond PART 2

Hi everyone, welcome back to Chat Sh*t Get Fit. This week we are joined once again by special guest world record holder Colleen Drummond. Last time we spoke to her she was about to take on some more Ski Erg world records so this time we catch up and see how she got on. Spoiler alert she smashed it! She nearly didn't complete the records due to a serious health implication soon before the event. The fact she finished makes it even more impressive. 


We also dive into a listener Q&A where a lot of the questions revolve around her work as a police officer and there seems to be a theme with her and naked members of the public. We won't spoil that bit. More exciting though is Colleen finally revealing to us her next challenge. Sickening. Sickening is all that we can say on the matter. Can't wait to follow her journey on this next monumental challenge.


If you missed part 1 you can find it here!

You can keep up to date on her journey by following her Instagram. @keepfitkiwi


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