28 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

The Suit Catches Up with Los Angeles By Way of Nashville Blues Guitarist Bart Ryan Chasing the Blues 2/Ep 17

On this episode of Chasing the Blues Podcast (Season 2/Episode 17) The Suit catches up with "Los Angeles by way of Nashville" guitarist, singer-songwriter Bart Ryan, whose mix is contemporary take on old school blues. Bart discusses his new release "The Healer," coming this fall, as well as his work to raise awareness for ALS. About Bart Ryan:Bart Ryan is one of L.A.’s most gifted and powerful six string gunslingers. A native of Los Angeles, Bart has torn up nearly every stage in the city. His knack for Roots, Soul and Blues is uncanny. In 1994 he moved to Atlanta and owned the blues scene for 5 years there. Returning home to be closer with his family and make an album of personal yet stomping blues rock songs, Bart has also become one of L.A.’s most sought after side men.His prowess on electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars is equaled only by his good nature and his musical intelligence and sensitivity. His recent projects focus more and more on the craft of songwriting to compliment his guitar and voice.http://www.ChasingtheBluesPodcast.comhttp://www.TomTheSuitForst.comhttp://www.BartRyan.comDirect Download of this episode: https://api.spreaker.com/v2/episodes/40160621/download.mp3Share Link: https://www.spreaker.com/user/10764440/chasing-the-blues-2-ep-17-bart-ryanListen for Chasing the Blues Podcast on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and wherever podcasts are streamed around the world. Stay tuned for the new Chasing the Blues YouTube Television show starting in August. Chasing the Blues Podcast is produced by Factory Underground Studio, and Marketed by Factory Underground Media (Norwalk, CT). The season sponsor of the podcast is Blues Festival Guide Magazine, which Bobby Rush calls his "Roadmap to the Blues." http://www.FactoryUndergroundStudio.comhttp://www.FactoryUndergroundMedia.comhttp://www.BluesFestivalGuide.com
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