51 minutes | Oct 31st 2016

Chase and Pang are back!

Episode 20 – On this episode, we touch on the surprises and disappointments from around the NHL. We also have some emotional moments while talking about Craig Anderson’s incredible shutout, and we have a special guest, producer Adam Scorgie and his documentary “Ice Guardians “. Sit back and give a listen to this episode of Chasen Pucks with Panger! On Twitter, follow the show at @NHLShow and Chaser at @Chasenpucks39 and Panger at @Panger40 – plus, find the show on Facebook at facebook.com/NHLShow and subscribe and share on iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean using these links: NHLPodcast.com/iTunes or NHLPodcast.com/Stitcher or NHLPodcast.com/Podbean. Email us at info@nhlpodcast.com The post Chase and Pang are back! appeared first on Chasen Pucks with Panger.
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