44 minutes | Oct 30, 2019

Case Study: Cuyahoga County

In researching the proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase to stabilize the arts and cultural sector, the Arts & Science Council looked at similar municipalities to learn from what did or did not work in the past. That research lead them to Cuyahoga County, OH, or the greater Cleveland area. In 2006, Cuyahoga Co. voted to fund their arts and cultural sector through a 30 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. The tax was renewed in 2015 with a near unanimous 85-15 vote.  In this episode of the Culture For All Podcast, host Andy Goh talks to arts leaders in Cuyahoga Co. to learn from their experience using public funds. You'll hear from Jill Paulsen, the President and CEO of Cuyahoga Arts and Culture; Megan Van Voorhis, President of Arts Cleveland, twenty-year city councilman Matt Zone, and several others.
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