36 minutes | Jul 7, 2019

Arts In and Out of the Classroom

The value of arts, science and history in the classroom is important to creating critical thinkers and problem solvers best able to meet the challenges of today. In Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the need for additional programming is particularly critical. In this episode of the Culture For All podcast, we’ll take you into classrooms around the county to let you hear how arts programming is serving our children every day.  We’ll listen to the work being done by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra and their Project Harmony initiative. Arts & Science Council VP of Education Barbara Ann Temple tells us about the importance of arts in the classroom. You’ll hear how Troy Kryzalka, better known as the Number Drummer, uses drumming and music to teach math. Carolina Raptor Center’s Kate Shaner will show a class of elementary school kids exotic raptors for the first time. Finally, we’ll sit in on one of DigiBridge’s STEAM Saturdays and see how founder David Jessup is working to bridge the digital divide. Host Mary C. Curtis, a Mecklenburg County resident and personality, leads you through this look at arts and culture in and out of the classroom. If you’ve just found this podcast and are unfamiliar with the tax, please listen to the first episode (Culture For All) in this series first. That episode will provide an overview of the tax and give you all the information you need to know right now. Remember to share your voice with the Arts & Science Council on this important topic. Call or text us at 704.286.6288 and leave a :30 message. Your responses may be used in a future episode of this podcast. You can also email us at asc@artsandscience.org, or contact us via social media. This podcast was produced by the Arts & Science Council and GohJo Studios. Original Music by Harvey Cummings. Contact the Arts & Science Council on: Facebook Instagram Twitter asc@artsandscience.org 704.286.6288   Subscribe, rate and review Culture For All on: Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher TuneIn SoundCloud   Arts & Science Council Website Podcast Page on ASC Website
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