24 minutes | Mar 23, 2016

Interview with Daphne Valcin

After observing the struggles of young people and adults in her community while in her youth, Daphne Valcin had dreamed of one day being successful and becoming an inspirational community leader. Though she started out shy, with low confidence, and extremely self-conscious, she worked to turn her challenges into opportunities to growth in order to fulfill her dream of someday having a substantial impact on her community.   This, she did, facilitating growth opportunities for thousands of people throughout the East Coast through her work for more than a decade.   Now, as CEO of Daphne Valcin Coaching, she is a seasoned mentor, motivational speaker, certified group facilitator, and a life and business coach. Daphne is passionate about helping clients put systems in place to greater reflect their mission and purpose, daily. Her goal is to ensure the individuals she serves have the strategies they need to move forward to meet and exceed their goals and produce results.
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