29 minutes | Oct 28, 2015


MY GUEST TODAY IS AARON KINT   Aaron Kint, Father of 2 children, Husband, Speaker, Bass Fisherman, Boy Scout Leader. Aaron has always found the fun in life from the people he meets or the things he is doing. Aaron works in Sales for AET Environmental, when not saving the plant, he found with his family, Playing TAG He also motivates groups and companies with his in inspiring story telling of his TAG Team. He has changed his playground in life by leaning to become IT in life and is now helping others to use TAG (Time, Attitude, and Gratitude) to help others change their playgrounds in life by the teams they build. Expertise Teambuilding Personal Development Leadership Skills Motivation Goal Setting How is Aaron able to do this? Well, he has had tons of experience leading and guiding and making laughter happen. Aaron has: Spent 10 years in Boy Scouts as a Scout Leader and mentor, teaching Life Skills to youth and other adult leaders. Worked 28 years as a Sales professional. He has spent the last 16 years in the Environmental field. Aaron knows how to use laughter to create long-lasting relationships and win sales. Created his own team of successful like-minded individuals who work with him to make sales and be successful. Spent the last two years organizing fishing events that teach kid
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