41 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

Sally Jo LaMont: 4 Ways to Stay Connected while you Stay Home

How do we stay connected and build our network while being forced to stay home by a global pandemic? That’s the question I had to ask Social Media guru Sally Jo LaMont of Social Sales Link.  In this 50th episode of Channel Journeys, Sally eagerly shares how we can leverage LinkedIn to build and strengthen connections. She provides valuable tips that will help you convert connections to conversations during and after this global lock-down. Spoiler alert: we don’t mean sales conversations. Nobody wants to be sold to, especially during this crisis. 


1. Update your LinkedIn headline. This is your billboard. Use it to promote how you can help others, not what you’ve done or what title you hold.

2. Use the About section to provide value, offer tips, make it read like a valuable resource so people will want to connect with you and learn more. 

3. Find new connections, your buyers and influencers, by first providing value to your existing 1st level connections. Use the LinkedIn video feature to send short videos to reconnect, give kudos, endorsements, and recommendations. Then ask for warm introductions to others in their networks.

4. Your first conversation with a new connection has to be about providing insights, not about your product or what you do. Do your research on them before you ever pick up that phone or schedule any kind of meeting so that when you go in your insights are valuable.


It's just super important to be very empathetic to your network and to consider what their needs are in this in this difficult time. @SallyJo_LaMont
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Consider two people a week who've really made a difference in your business life, write a recommendation for each and put them on LinkedIn. @SallyJo_LaMont
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Becoming that thought leader at a time like this, that really will help you become memorable. @SallyJo_LaMont
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