39 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Paul Bird: Stop Making These 3 Channel Management Mistakes

At this time when we’re not doing trade shows or in person events, we have to find creative ways to reach and connect with our partners.  And knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. Paul Bird, Salesforce Enthusiast and Portal Wizard at Magentrix, shares the top channel management mistakes vendors make and the biggest opportunities for partner automation.


3 big channel management mistakes that vendors make are:

  1. Not having a partner engagement strategy. Don’t expect that just because you stand up a portal, all of a sudden you will have a flood of partners logging in and engaging with your content. You need to develop an engagement strategy around how you will build mindshare and walletshare, and how you will turn your partner network into a partner community. 

  2. Not having solid, relevant content for partners.  That content doesn’t have to be any different than the content you’re developing for your direct sales force. It does have to be easy and quick to consume, relevant to when they need it during the sales cycle, with the ability for partners to co-brand it with their own logo and information. 

  3. Not treating your partners like they are your most important VIPs. Often partners get treated like employees rather than as the most important customer you have. You want to treat partners like they are your most important people in your network. Give partners the red carpet VIP treatment and you’ll get that mindshare and most importantly, that walletshare, from them. 

When it comes to partner portals, there's this idea that if you build it, they'll come...and that's not really the case. - @Magentrix_PB
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Does your content for partners have to be any different than what you're developing for your direct sales force? I don't think so. It just has to be easy to consume. - @Magentrix_PB
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You got to treat partners like they're your most important customer. If you keep giving them that red carpet VIP treatment, you'll find that you'll get mindshare and that wallet share from them. - @Magentrix_PB
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