42 minutes | Mar 4th 2020

Heather Margolis: The Channel Journey of Channel Marketing

It’s not your grandma’s channel marketing. That’s my take on my conversation with channel maven Heather Margolis. We explore the journey of channel marketing and the massive changes in demand generation from just 11 years ago when Heather launched Channel Maven Consulting. These changes prompted Heather to embark on an entrepreneurial mission to create a better channel marketing automation solution and launch her new venture, Spark Your Channel. Listen in and learn what you can stop doing and what you need to start doing to drive new leads with your partners. 


The shift to the cloud and everything-as-a-service has changed the game when it comes to driving demand and generating new leads with partners. If you’re looking to get a greater return on your channel marketing investments, here are five tips from Heather you need to consider

  1. Our traditional co-branding doesn’t work for MSPs. They don’t want to slap their logo on something that is 90% the vendors content. They want to talk about their services and value proposition.
  2. Stop the 10-series canned email campaigns. You’re just training your prospects to delete your emails. 11 years ago, we were more willing to open an email. Today we delete emails we get from people we don’t know. And GDPR is putting the final nail in this coffin.
  3. Email marketing no longer works for top-of-the-funnel campaigns. Leverage social media first to build a reputation, form relationships and earn some trust before sending your email campaigns. A pre-warmed email blast to 1000 of the right people will be more effective than a cold blast to 10,000.
  4. Content is still king – but think short blogs, podcasts and videos. Nobody wants, or has time, to read a 10-page whitepaper. Provide your partners with short audio and video clips that are business-outcome focused. And let them add their own custom intros and outros to the clips.
  5. Target the new decision maker: the line of business manager. Talk about business outcome, not speeds and feeds and how great your product is. Forget about the content syndication vendors used to push their products to partner websites.

Co-branding does not exist when it comes to MSPs. They don't want to slap their logo on something that is 90% the vendors content. @HeatherMargolis
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Instead of speeds and feeds and pretty pictures of storage arrays, we're talking about content and talking about business outcome. @HeatherMargolis
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Instead of sending an email to 10,000 people, maybe you're sending an email to 1200 people, but they're the right 1200 people, and they have raised their hand to say, Yes, I'm interested. @HeatherMargolis
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