47 minutes | Apr 15th 2020

Greg Eckstein: The Future of Channel Sales Enablement

This podcast takes us to Bali, Indonesia where I caught up with channel globetrotter Greg Eckstein. Greg is the founder and CEO of Channel Sales World, a channel consulting firm based in Singapore. It took a global virus to slow him down, presenting an opportunity for us to chat about changes in the IT channel and the latest best practices in channel sales enablement. Greg has honed his practice serving the 50 largest IT vendors in the world, vendors with the largest channel teams and the largest channel needs. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. Train your channel managers on articulating your value proposition to partners, down to the vertical or even micro-vertical level. 2. Webinars and on-demand e-learning still works for internal channel sales manager training, but not as well with partners.  3. It’s no longer about the brand of the vendor. It’s about what you add to the partners business model. 4. Provide your partner training in 15 minute modules with short easily consumed chapters, leveraging video and podcasts in their local language. 5. Rather than putting all the certification questions at the end of the module, insert 2 questions at the end of each chapter.  SHARE THIS In a mature economy and mature industry, in order to grow, the differentiating factor is your ability to capture partner mindshare. @GregEcksteinClick To Tweet There are still some vendors out there who will put together professional services organization and actually compete with their partners for services. @GregEcksteinClick To Tweet LINKS & RESOURCES Find Greg on LinkedIn and Twitter Get the 10% discount code for all channel certificate courses at the Channel Institute Check out Greg’s 5 Free Channel Training Videos The post Greg Eckstein: The Future of Channel Sales Enablement first appeared on Channel Journeys.
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