39 minutes | Aug 21st 2017

King Shampz

King Shampz is an emcee from West Philly. Along with his brother, and producer, Azzan, Shampz founded Dead Wrong Records. The label is filled with other talented artists who share a similar aesthetic with Shampz--a gritty sample-based sound with extensive wordplay and reflective braggadocio lyrics. We spoke to King Shampz over a year ago about many topics including: his music relationship with his brother, Azzan, visiting Mecca and Egypt during his formative years (and eating camel burgers), how African Americans are perceived in Egypt, Philly’s hip-hop legacy, and much more! Check out Matteo Urella’s write-up of King Shampz here: https://medium.com/@MatteoUrella/new-noise-bb8a07954b35 Check out King Shampz and his music at the following: https://twitter.com/KSHAMPZ?lang=en https://soundcloud.com/dead-wrong-records http://www.datpiff.com/King-Shampz-All-Hail-The-King-mixtape.604616.html Check out other King Shampz interviews at the following: http://www.imposemagazine.com/features/king-shampz-talks-inspiration-shares-new-single-autobahn http://www.ok-tho.com/2016/09/king-shampz-hip-hop-wanted-dead-or-alive.html http://musiclifesocial.com/hip-hops-hidden-gem-philly-rapper-king-shampz/ ====================================================== Keep up with Channel 10 Podcast at channel10podcast.com. Channel 10 Podcast presents Wu-Tang Podcast, listen at soundcloud.com/wutangpodcast. Keep up with Singodsuperior at singodsuperior.com. Keep up with The Almighty A.R. at thealmightyar.com and his Baltimore Club Music at 410musicfactory.com.