56 minutes | Aug 10, 2017

HR: Get Ready for the Agile Workforce!

The buzz: Nearly 11% of the workforce is made up of full-time agile workers…39% of ‘permanent’ non-agile workers said they are likely to take a positon in the future in that category.” (Randstad Workplace 2025 report). While HR technology is helping companies model new workplace design and workforce fit scenarios, they may be failing to analyze roles that require permanent vs. contingent staff, i.e., freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers. Is your HR organization reviewing and reconsidering the status quo in time to prepare to welcome and embrace the agile workforce? The experts speak. Don Miller, Deloitte: “We’re gonna turn this team around 360 degrees” (Jason Kidd). Gerarda Van Kirk, Accenture: “Always in motion is the future” (Yoda, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back). Dr. Patti Fletcher, SAP SuccessFactors: “Change means that what was before wasn't perfect. People want things to be better” (Esther Dyson). Join us for HR: Get Ready for the Agile Workforce!
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