58 minutes | Sep 18th 2019

Do The Greens Have a New Deal? Discuss.

In May 2019, the Pact for a Green New Deal laid down a new vision for Canadian politics — and the Green Party of Canada claims to be taking up the gauntlet. They’re trumpeting some of the most ambitious climate goals of any federal party, and they’ve also seen a sudden surge in popularity: ahead of the 2018 federal election, many Canadians who are deeply anguished about the climate crisis are giving the party a closer look. But are we clear on what the Green Party really stands for?

Continuing the theme of our last episode, we ask if the Green Party has what it takes to get the Green New Deal right — by taking on the corporations standing in the way, and making sure the transition leaves no one behind. We first ask federal leader Elizabeth May [@ElizabethMay] about her party’s plan to mobilize Canadian society to fight climate change. And we follow up with Alex Tyrrell [@AlexTyrrellPVQ], the head of Quebec’s provincial (and openly eco-socialist) GP, one of May’s highest-profile critics from within the party.

Special thanks to Aluma Sound for our theme music.
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