63 minutes | Jan 12, 2017

Brandon Markell Holmes, The Big Picture & Champagne

What is the bigger picture? How do we fit into it and how do we find our own? In this episode, Chicago-based performer Brandon Markell Holmes talks about exploring his bigger picture, his career and what motivates him to create...all while drinking champagne, of course. The money that you pledge as a patron is going to help Champagne & Snark grow into something big. I’m looking to buy better equipment, do more live shows, offer merchandize and eventually make this my full time thing. You’re basically helping to hire me so that I can make more of the things that you love and get better equipment so that the thing that you love sounds better. Depending on the amount of money that you pledge as a patron, I’m offering all sorts of fun stuff, like an opportunity to come into the Champagne Room for a live recording of the show and secret links to online afterparties. Check out some of the goals we have for Champagne & Snark and what fun stuff I’ll send you for becoming a patron at www.patreon.com/chamapgneandsnark. Subscribe to this podcast through your favorite RSS reader, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play (that one is new)! You can also leave a review on iTunes to help others discover the podcast.
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