41 minutes | Dec 19th 2016

Top 100 Inspirational Women: Beth French

Beth French is one of the UK's Top 100 Most Inspirational Women.  She is a sage and a swimmer. To say that she is courageous would be an understatement.  She has had to overcome numerous challenges throughout her life and continues to push herself to discover the depths of her potential. Imagine the leap from overcoming an illness that left her wheelchair bound to ultimately swimming through freezing and shark-infested waters, Beth French is no stranger to challenges.  She understands more than most that we often don’t realize what we are capable of because we don’t believe enough in ourselves. Beth has built a life around pushing the uttermost limits of what is possible for her, and her most recent endeavor has her about to accomplish what has never been done before...swimming what’s called The Ocean’s Seven within the span of a year. Beth also happens to be humble, down to earth and insightful to boot.
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