40 minutes | Jul 31st 2017

Love Take Two: Sudeep Balain

Sudeep Balain happens to be last year’s most listened to guest and the first time I have brought someone back twice. This time we spoke while he was traveling and if you have yet to meet Sudeep he is hard to forget. When I first had the opportunity to talk with him last fall he had published a book called You are Love, and our conversation was so rich and his journey so interesting that I decided to check in on him again because knowing Sudeep, he would have more insights to share with us. So if you haven’t listened to our first interview please consider doubling back and listening to it for greater context and if not I’m still convinced there may be something for you. In Sudeep's book he takes us on his journey from a successful, monied career and sixteen year marriage until his world came crumbling down with the news his wife and children were leaving him. The news left him reeling and sent him searching around the world to sit at the feet of spiritual gurus he hoped could help him to find the answers he craved. Instead, Sudeep has become a master of learning the value of sitting with his feelings and the ambiguity that life often has to offer us. Whether or not you have the desire to travel to an ashram in an attempt to uncover life’s meaning, I think we all can relate to Sudeep’s desire to understand his place in the world and to cut through the noise of our lives with our most honest questions. 
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