7 minutes | Nov 29th 2020

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode forty three with Molly Trotter, Speaker & Coach

Join me today as we welcome Molly Trotter and polish her pitch. I loved that Molly started her pitch with a focus on her clients rather than on herself.   Molly’s pitch included two areas of expertise, messaging and lead generation. My first recommendation is for her to focus on the area of expertise which solves the most painful or common problem that her clients come to her with. We were able to identify that for her this is lead generation.    I then pressed her for more information on who she helps. I asked Molly if there’s a specific industry that she wanted to help more? Molly works with coaches and consultants. To go deeper, she would need to focus on a specific type of consultant.   If you thought what Molly went through was a great experience, complete the application to be my next guest. APPLY HERE I welcome all your comments and also don’t forget to subscribe and rate the Polish My Pitch Podcast on any or all of our channels: ► YouTube ► Android► iTunes ► Stitcher ► Spotify ► Google Follow Chala Dincoy on Social Media at: ► Facebook► Twitter► LinkedIn► Instagram #Repositioner #ChalaDincoy #Podcast #PolishMyPitchPodcast Connect with Molly Trotter► Facebook► Instagram► LinkedIn► Website
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