6 minutes | Dec 28th 2020

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode forty five with Shannon Procise, President

Join me today as we welcome Shannon Procise and polished her elevator pitch. I loved that Shannon’s pitch was very concise.  I suggested that she start her pitch with a customer pain. I asked her to pinpoint one industry that she works with the most. We then drilled into the number one most expensive problem that her services solve. We discussed what happens when her target market isn’t able to have their pain solved, in Shannon’s case, saving her clients time and money. Finally, I demonstrated how adding a metric can help illustrate the true value of her service. For example, 80% of coaches can’t grow their business because they can’t get speaking engagements how I help is to get them media placements.    If you thought what Shannon went through was a great experience, complete the application to be my next guest. APPLY HERE I welcome all your comments and also don’t forget to subscribe and rate the Polish My Pitch Podcast on any or all of our channels: ► YouTube ► Android► iTunes ► Stitcher ► Spotify ► Google Follow Chala Dincoy on Social Media at: ► Facebook► Twitter► LinkedIn► Instagram #Repositioner #ChalaDincoy #Podcast #PolishMyPitchPodcast Connect with Shannon Procise► Facebook► LinkedIn► Instagram► Twitter► Website
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