35 minutes | Nov 6, 2016

CR15 - Ash Vs Evil Dead – S02E05 – Confinement

Follow & Subscribe Listen & watch live each week, on Facebook.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505.  Use the links below to find Second Course Media on your favorite Social Network. Send Us Ash Vs Evil Dead – S02E05 Jamie ends up doing is best Foghorn Leghorn impersonation, which actually isn’t that good.  Shawn shares what he thinks is going wrong with the series in this episode and why this episode needs to be “shanked in the shower,” and Jamie agrees. Confinement Recap Baal arrives on Earth and seduces a female officer, before then skinning her. Ash is arrested for the murder of Amber, the deadite who nearly murdered his father. He is thrown in prison, and his weapons are taken to evidence by the Baal, wearing the officer’s skin. He then frees Ash from his cell. Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby arrive to free Ash, and Lacey is brought to the station by Linda, who says thinks her daughter is drugged. Ash walks in and the skin of the officer is thrown on him, and Ruby reveals it is Baal, as he jumps from person to person by wearing their skin, and that any of them can be Baal. She goes down to evidence to get the Kandarian Dagger but gets locked down there with another female officer. Meanwhile, between the others, tensions rise as they are unable to trust one another completely. Pablo confides in Ash and Kelly, revealing a strange rash on his abdomen, describing it as something trying to get out of him. Ruby is briefly seduced by the female officer and discovers it is Baal, who confronts her and reveals that she is mortal, and mocks her as she cannot even send him back without the Necronomicon. Sheriff Emery believes that Pablo is the demon when his condition worsens and starts to lose control, even threatening his wife. The skinned corpse of the female officer attacks and kidnaps Linda. Ash finds her but is once again attacked by the flesh monster. Ruby arrives with his weapons and Ash defeats the flesh monster, proving the truth in his story. Pablo’s condition greatly worsens, Ruby looks at the rash to reveal Sumerian writing on Pablo’s body, and she declares that he might be their only chance to stop Baal.
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