27 minutes | Feb 1, 2016

CR10 - Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E10 – The Dark One

Follow & Subscribe Listen & watch live each week, on mixlr or blab.im.  Send in your reaction by heading over to the feedback page or by calling (443)-491-8505.  Use the links below to find Second Course Media on your favorite Social Network. Send Us   Ash vs Evil Dead – S01E10 Jamie and Shawn wrap up the first season of Chainsaw Reaction by lamenting how long they have to wait until the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead airs.  They also strong debate about how the season ended in, The Dark One.  Listen to what they have to say. The Dark One Recap Ash is still coming to terms with Ruby being the one who wrote the Necronomicon, Kelly is desperately trying to peel the cover of the book from Pablo’s face, and Heather (Samara Weaving)  is trying to survive not-Amanda and the villainous intentions of the cabin. Ash is distracted by Not-Amanda as she attacks him with his own chainsaw. Pablo is being taken over by the Evil in the book as he pleads with Kelly to help him. Ruby smacks Kelly across the room. In comedic and spectacular fashion, Ash dispatches not-Amanda. In the aftermath, Ash sees that Ruby and Pablo are gone, but the door to the cellar is open. Ash prepares his weapons (and hair dye/shoe polish) to brave the basement. After Kelly persuades Ash to let her come to fight in the basement, the Evil hits the house like a freight train knocking Ash into the basement, and locking the door behind him. Ash falls and seems to go back into time to the night he read from the book. Ruby is waiting for him and offers him a deal/way out. She claims she wants to rule to Evil to maintain a balance between good and evil. Ash turns her down before returning to his fall down the basement steps. In the basement, Ash sees a ghost/demon child who disappears, but Pablo’s screaming draws Ash’s attention to a backroom. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to open the cellar door, and the cabin starts screwing with her and Heather. Heather wants to get out of dodge, but Kelly is unwilling to give up. After fending off various attacks, Kelly is thrown from the cabin, and Heather is left inside. Ash watches Pablo, not partially possessed by the book, give “birth” to a demon child (much like the one Ash saw earlier). Pablo begs for death and Ruby ap
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