32 minutes | Oct 1, 2018

5AM Joel takes an Early Retirement

Joel is a 33 year old technology sales rep from Los Angeles. However, he recently quit his job to travel, and test the waters of early retirement! Joel is sharing stories on his blog, 5AM Joel (.com), and writes about how to make better use of your time, and better use of your money. Welcome!

[3:27] Who’s your favorite superhero & why?
Wolverine, for no reason

[4:3] So, what exactly a mini retirement? How long have you been on your mini retirement?
Quit job in March, 5 months unemployed
Focus on your general well being
Watching 30ies fly by and needed something new
Creativitiy get sucks out of you

[7:40] Do you feel early retirement is an option for most people? What does into the planning of it?
Definitely possible for most people, but a lot of people don’t want to.

[9:21] Do you think your mini retirement is delaying your actual retirement and is there a cost/benefit analysis you did before taking it?
People ask if Joel has hit FI yet, but he’s far along the path so technically yes.
He’s far along and can take foot off the gas a bit
Mom sat down with Joel at a young age and explained the benefits of saving

[17:24] Your website isn’t 5am Joel for nothing, why have you been waking up at 5AM?
Started 2 years ago, Joel hated waking up early
His friend started waking up at 5am and did it for 30 days and told Joel.
It started as a dare and Joel has been doing it ever since

[22:58] What’s one of your favorite posts on your website?
Why do I own 7 surfboards
500 days till 2020

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