38 minutes | Jul 18, 2020

ADA and FHA Defense Attorney Richard Hunt: Don't Ignore Demand Letters, Website Accessibility Litigation and Risk Reduction

If you receive a demand letter claiming your website is inaccessible, Richard Hunt is the guy you want to know.Richard is a nationally recognized ADA and FHA defense attorney who helps businesses avoid and defend against Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) claims.Richard is also a leader in website accessibility law.  His blog, Accessibility Defense, details strategies and practical information on preventing lawsuits, settlement costs, and reducing risk.In this episode, Richard .  Topics covered include:Smaller businesses are increasingly being suedRichard's seven-step strategy for addressing website accessibilityWhy ignoring a demand letter is a bad ideaSettlement costs for ADA and FHA claimsBrowsewrap arbitration agreementsThe WCAG standard vs. legal standardIs there an easy way of dealing with website accessibility / complianceLinks from this episode:Richard's Law FirmRichard's Law Firm BioRichard's Blog, Accessibility DefenseYou can email Richard at rhunt@hunthuey.com Get the transcript for this episode at accessible.org/ep14Support the show (https://krisrivenburgh.com)
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