57 minutes | May 29th 2014

Through Stories We Heal - a Powerful Expresson of Loss to Healing

Through the grief and loss of her daughter, Meah, Tina Klonaris-Robinson found hope, strength and her voice in Rwanda realizing everyone has a story. Through the sharing of stories, Tina realized people heal. Forgiving the doctor who had responsibility in the death of her daughter, Tina started The Story Bracelet Project - bringing people's stories to life which is symbolized by a bracelet with each person's unique hand print on it. Each bracelet goes out into the world and the person wearing it finds a name on the back of the bracelet, and logs in to http://www.themeahfoundation.org to ready and share the story of that individual. A connection is made and the world is suddenly a smaller place, with greater possibilities for surviving and thriving in it.
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