65 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Elizabeth "Small Mirrors Only" Taylor feat. Jacqueline Novak

What is beauty, really? The gals are joined by fellow comedian, wellness maven & host of the groundbreaking POOG podcast, Jacqueline Novak, to discuss Hollywood siren Elizabeth Taylor’s outrageous 1987 memoir-cum-diet book “Elizabeth Takes Off.” From snacking on scooped salmon in grapefruit peel bowls as a senator’s wife, to downing chocolate martinis in Marfa, and her shockingly simple recipes for tomato dip and BBQ squab, join us for a journey through time, weight, sex and solidarity with our fellow woman. Click!Follow Jacqueline:IG: @jacnov or @goykshow For tickets to Jacqueline's show and touring announcements, visit GetOnYourKneesShow.com and sign up for the mailing list.  GET ON YOUR KNEES is a high-brow show about blow jobs. Novak spins her material on the femininity of the penis and the stoicism of the vulva into an unexpectedly philosophical show that’s part feminist outcry, part coming-of-age tale of triumph. Ira Glass calls it a “nearly Talmudic dissection of a subject. Really funny and just really like nothing else.”Rate Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily 5-stars on Apple Podcasts Follow Steven & Lily: Twitter: @gossipbabies @lilyblueyez @CBCthePodInstagram: @buddha_ph @lilyblueeyes Advertise on Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily via Gumball.fmSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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