7 minutes | Apr 17, 2021

Pastor David's Challenge

Pastor David’s Challenge Not only is growing in our faith a biblical expectation for any Christ Follower, it’s also the surest way we can ensure a generational shift toward the gospel in your own family. Think of the impact you’ll have on your sons and daughters, parents and neighbors if they can visibly see you embracing a stronger faith walk. During Live Boldly, consider one or more of the following faith steps: Maybe you’re a new Christ follower and you haven’t taken the step of being baptized. Take a step. Make your commitment to Christ public and influence your friends and family to join you in your journey in faith. Maybe you only come to church occasionally. Take the biblical step of committing to attend church regularly. (Hebrews 10:25) Set a goal to attend 50 weeks this year! But don’t come alone. Use your influence and bring your entire family with you. Get involved in a group and join with other Christ-followers who are committed to studying the Bible together. There you can encourage one another to live for Christ daily. Take a step further and join a T-Group where you’ll spend each week in a highly accountable group of just 3-4 other believers where you’ll share in the opportunity to lead and have a chance first hand to make disciples. Prayerfully ask God which steps are the right fit for you and become a more influential disciple during Live Boldly.
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